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How to Avoid Tilt in Downswing

What we actually can expect with negative expected value? At least several downswings. And they may last longer than you ever can imagine. The most important thing is to keep calm.

Whether you play blackjack or poker, you have probably encountered a long losing streak. It doesn't matter anymore how the winning odds are in favour for you. Every dealt card is a total cooler. It's obvious that it'll cost you money. But in addition it will drain your nerves and eventually you may end up in tilt.

Of course these losing (and winning) streaks will be balanced after long run. The most important question is: ”how you will behave during a log losing streak?”. Another thing to emphasise is that how long your bankroll will survive during a downswing?

I'll shoot down some of the myths behind act of tilting and steaming. There is no sense to lose your bankroll when you're angry and can't fully concentrate on the game. Also some of the beliefs are in the concept of -EV. But it doesn't mean that you should lose higher bets faster only because ”you will lose money anyway”.